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If you don't feel like you need anything there, I'll probably head over to the porn genre page of my favorite genre selection here. This site is very special. it's great that they have a porn genre page, you will have illustrations or preview videos to step into and discover those great movies. You'll get the porn categories, as its title says, and the number of videos included in each category. Their biggest category right now is Brazzers with a lot of videos, A well-organized site that will tag Blowjob (Chuckling) for every video, Tagging Cocksucking, Anal (Assfucking) to anyone any video showing asshole fucking, and tag Lesbian for all lesbian scenes. The video that I just watched has only blowjob and teacher tags, Big Boobs or Latinas. But “cumshots” is a genre popular enough to warrant a lot more videos in it. Same with “homemade ” (“amateur”).

I like that the display filtering options I mentioned earlier can also be used within each porn genre, so you can filter your search pretty easily. This page is rich in content and has this feature added. So what could be better than that?

The videos are all high quality and full HD.

But the mobile version of the site is too good. There were no push notifications from the top of the page, with ads containing the Facebook logo confusingly like other pages. And as if that weren't enough, the overall user experience is great. I find it very easy to navigate. You can scroll down smoothly without accidentally opening a video.

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